The Features of Outdoor Double Car Shelter


The Features of Outdoor Double Car Shelter

1. Anti-aging

The main structure of the outdoor double car shelter is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy materials. It has a permanent anti-aging ability and never rusts. The special process treatment on the surface greatly improves the service life of the shed, reduces the decomposition from ultraviolet rays, and has superior weather resistance. The sealing strip is made of high-quality aging resistant EPDM sealing strip. The anti-aging ABS engineering plastic is used at each connection point and sealing point. All fixing screws are stainless steel 304 screws covered with a special rubber sleeve, which is beautiful and durable. The shed can be effectively used for more than 30 years.

2. Both heat insulation and dust-prevention

Generally, the aluminum alloy outdoor double car shelter is added with an anti-ultraviolet UV layer through a double-sided co-extrusion process, which can effectively block more than 90% of ultraviolet radiation, block heat energy, effectively control the continuous rise of vehicle temperature on hot days, and also block industrial dust, fallen leaves and bird droppings in the air. The combination of all aluminum alloy profile shed structure and polycarbonate plate, the main column heated galvanized steel pipe, can bear 48CM snow, resist strong wind of 52m / s, significantly improve its ability to resist wind and snow.

outdoor double Car shelter

3. Automatic cleaning

The polycarbonate plate used in the aluminum alloy shed contains photocatalyst. It has the ability to use natural light and rainwater to automatically clean the dust, keep the top clean and bright, prevent rust and scale, and reduce the scale caused by acid rain on the metal parts of the car or long-term plum rain season. If it is covered with dust, the next rain shed will immediately become brand new.

4. Beautiful appearance

Compared with the traditional outdoor double car shelter, aluminum alloy shed has a modern design concept, reasonable structure, unique shape, elegant fashion, beautiful and generous, and the overall appearance is smooth and beautiful. The aluminum alloy frame and polycarbonate plate roof can be selected in various colors so that the outdoor double car shelter can be naturally integrated.



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