Help You Choose Outdoor Galvanized Car Shelter


The outdoor galvanized car shelter has been widely used, which can be seen everywhere in major cities, and it can be said that most people turn a blind eye to it. But its function is not so simple. Parking bicycles or cars is its basic function. It concentrates cars in the city under one outdoor galvanized car shelter, which is convenient to use. It also changes the disorderly state of parking and placing. The outdoor galvanized car shelter has a variety of styles and colors, which enriches the modern requirements of traffic elements and is conducive to traffic management to a certain extent. It's good for the appearance of the city.

How to Choose Outdoor Galvanized Car Shelter

But from a professional point of view, for the outdoor galvanized car shelter, what aspect should we learn about it?

Let's start with the structure of the outdoor galvanized car shelter, which is composed of columns, advertising light box and ceiling. In terms of details, the main columns are round and square, the box has tempered glass as the window, and the endurance plate as the window material. At present, the most commonly used lighting industry is white LED light as lighting, and the ceiling materials are more diverse. The keel is basically steel structure, which is composed of galvanized square tube, galvanized plate, sunlight plate, etc. On the choice of color, we will give customers some professional suggestions from the color matching, in order to achieve better results. The structure of the outdoor galvanized car shelter is as important as the bus shelter, because these two products are large steel structure products, and are outdoor. The safety of people and property is involved under the ceiling. Without a good design drawing and professional knowledge of mechanical structure, it is likely to cause serious consequences, such as injury accidents caused by bad weather.

First, from the point of view of the column, the galvanized square pipe or galvanized round pipe of more than 3mm must be used for welding, and the thickness and size of the bottom plate, as well as the setting of the fixed hole position have scientific and many years of experience as the basis. The connection material between the column and the foundation cement base must meet certain standards, the foundation pit must have a certain depth and width, the cement and bolts in the foundation pit must reach a certain label, so we can't cut corners, this part is more vulnerable to wind and rain erosion.

Second, the thickness of galvanized sheet used in the box of the outdoor galvanized car shelter is also different according to the requirements of different load-bearing and load-bearing points. The structure of the box and the door bite each other is also a certain knowledge. The load-bearing of the box mainly comes from the toughened glass or endurance plate of the window, and the thickness of these two materials is related to its size. The setting of lighting system in the light box must be reasonable. Safety is an important consideration. The requirements for lines are very important. The wires, timing switches and other electrical appliances used in outdoor products should have higher standards, so as to prevent aging and electric leakage accidents.

Third, the roof structure of the outdoor galvanized car shelter should be firm, especially the connection part between the roof and the column. If the ceiling is made of galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate, the welding density should be increased. However, if the sunlight plate, endurance plate and other materials are used, because they can not be connected with the keel by welding, how to fix them is more important. Otherwise, they will fall off easily in the long-term, especially in the heavy wind and snow weather.



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