Two points to note when buying an outdoor temporary bicycle shelter


Installation of outdoor temporary bicycle shelter can not be rash, today Xinya take you to understand how to buy outdoor temporary bicycle shelter!

outdoor temporary bicycle shelter product details

1.outdoor temporary bicycle shelter roof material is very important, the market a lot of tensioned membrane cloth bicycle shelter, material good membrane cloth price will be very expensive such as large stadium, not suitable for bicycle shelter custom-made; ordinary membrane cloth rain water often deform the membrane cloth pressure, easy to rupture seepage, not to mention the snow days of snow, it is easy to break, its process It is by tension membrane cloth, which also leads to the membrane cloth is easy to aging, just like the effect of long time being pulled apart, the maintenance cost is very high.

Then the skeleton of outdoor temporary bicycle shelter is also very important, if the skeleton is not stable and durable, the quality of the product is not guaranteed. Generally, the membrane structure of outdoor temporary bicycle shelter is made of steel skeleton. The quality of steel is very heavy, and need to cut steel and then welded, which leads to the steel weld is easy to rust, rust at the skeleton structure will easily lead to outdoor temporary bicycle shelter damage. And the steel structure skeleton after welding, but also spray paint, toxic, spray paint is not easy to uniform, easy to peel rust warp, especially in coastal cities, the air is wet and salty.

Xinya recommended outdoor temporary bicycle shelter to order must choose aluminum alloy skeleton, regular manufacturers of outdoor temporary bicycle shelter skeleton are professional machine open mold, aluminum alloy material and reinforcement, to ensure that the aluminum alloy strength than the general material is higher and more stable, no cutting welding, as long as the site assembly build tighten the screws and nuts, do not need to spray paint, the factory has been uniformly painted by machine, not rust more beautiful, save.

outdoor temporary bicycle shelter

How to buy outdoor temporary bicycle shelter, you now know, to install a bicycle shelter do not know these two points, unreliable manufacturers must be able to pit to you, will take the initiative to reveal to you the advantages and disadvantages of raw materials is the regular manufacturers!



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